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Hints van Hans voor 2015-11-22

De hints van Hans voor Bob's pubquiz van 2015-11-22



I've got myself such a thing. Of course, opened it up before turning it on (hello Dave Jones), so I connected a FTDI interface to the (already populated) serial port pins, a network cable and the powercable.

GL.iNet First Boot Setup

First Boot Setup

Opened up the serial port (115200,n,8,1) and dumped the bootlog, and the contents of /proc/cpuinfo and /proc/meminfo


AZ-GLBAA-MN MicroVAX II 630QB Technical Manual

AZ-GLBAA-MN MicroVAX II 630QB Technical Manual


Four questions for the Absolute Zero pubquiz of 2013-07-24


  1. Which chemical elements are liquid at room temperature? Name two
  2. Which of the following pH's for a rain sample would be considered "acid rain"? 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8.
  3. What is the hardest working muscle in the body?
  4. In the popular dice game "mexen" (or "mexicano"), what is the chance of throwing a "mex"?

Fraktur lettertypes voor Herr Bug


The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog


The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

Onder water:
<p style="font-family: UnifrakturMaguntia;">The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog</p>
<p style="font-family: UnifrakturCook;">The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog</p>

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Archlinux on the Raspberry Pi

Well, I wanted to run Arch Linux on the Pi, but didn't want much wear and tear on the SD-card, so this is a setup with a small SD card for the /boot filesystems and a USB hard drive for the root, and possibly other, filesystems.


Kapotte auto

Mijn auto is een beetje stuk gegaan afgelopen zondag. Gelukkig ben ik onbeschadigd gebleven.

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Digital DEC3000

DEC 3000 AXP was the name given to a series of computer workstations and servers, produced from 1992 to around 1995 by Digital Equipment Corporation. The DEC 3000 AXP series formed part of the first generation of computer systems based on the 64-bit Alpha AXP architecture. Supported operating systems for the DEC 3000 AXP series were DEC OSF/1 AXP (later renamed Digital UNIX) and OpenVMS AXP (later renamed OpenVMS).



Een poging tot ovenschotel


  • Aardappelpuree
  • Rundergehakt
  • Prei
  • Paprika
  • Spekblokjes
  • Geraspte kaas
  • Eieren
  • Paneermeel

Philips P2000T

De Philips P2000T is een van de eerste homecomputers van Philips. Gebaseerd op een Z80, met de video interface gebaseerd op de Teletext-chips en met een microcassette als dataopslag kon deze direct op een TV aangesloten worden.